Children spend the majority of their days at school, in childcare, or in after-school sports and activities. Many of these children suffer from asthma, including about 1 in 15 student athletes. Although physical activity can sometimes trigger an attack, it can also improve breathing and lead to fewer attacks in people with well-controlled asthma.

There are several things that schools, childcare facilities, and coaches can do to ensure the health and safety of students with asthma:

  • Make sure you identify students with asthma;
  • Make sure you can identify the signs and symptoms of an asthma attack or worsening asthma;
  • Check the daily air quality;
  • Check out the Asthma Clipboard Program. The program is a 30-minute online education program that focuses on:
    • How to identify students experiencing worsening asthma on an asthma attack;
    • What medications are used and when to use them;
    • Ways to prevent exercise-induced asthma; and
    • Steps to take when athletes are experiencing worsening asthma or asthma attacks.
  • Have an asthmatic student create an Asthma Action Plan with his or her doctor and keep a copy for your records;
  • For health questions related to your student’s school, please contact the Public Health Nurse in your area.